Bo Mehr

Bo Mehr – Lover, dancer & dreamer. Adrian Recordings own romantic spark in the autumn dark is back with a majestic little single version of the track “Drive All Night”. Original includes epic guitar solo and can be found on his debut album – Dreamer – that is out now.

Hand in hand with the single Olle Enqvist has made a video that Bo Mehr himself explains like this:

”The video is like a presentation about who Bo Mehr really are. A hopeless romantic that dresses up in ruffled shirt and takes his Skoda to the date. With the help of director Olle Enqvist and Christine Björk, Vilhelm Gelderman och Markus Johansson i managed to re-create a dreamy utopia of vanity and frivolity. And possibly an uncoumcius message that you are ok just the way you are.”

Bo Mehr is the moniker for the Malmö musician Erik Mellerstedt. Erik has ever since he moved from his birth town of Sundsvall to Malmö been there, serving you drinks and later on a stage, often with a fierce guitar in his hand. Playing with bands like Nightmen, Gates of Steel, Marcus Norberg and the Disappointments and more. During all this time he has secretly whispered – I have something else in me. I will record something that will be something that you might not expect but it will be my opus. And then suddenly he locked himself in to a studio with people he could really trust, and recorded it all live, vocals, solo guitar, spars keyboards, all. One-takes and intensity. And then nothing…. No-one in the circle was allowed to let someone else hear it. For the few that knew about the recording the expectations enhanced. Everyone involved said it was something special. … and they where right.

The debut album – Dreamer – was recorded together with producer Joakim Lindberg and musicians Matilda Berggren (Curiositi, Mixtapes and Cellmates), Karl Arvidsson (Logh, Shadow Shadow), Markus Johansson (DÖDEN, Yast, Toi Let.) Emil Johansson (Parker Lewis, Curiositi), Christine Björk (Nightmen, MF/MB/, Only The Lonely), Anna Säll, Victor Narin (MF/MB/, Gates of Steel, federation) Marcus Norberg (YAST, Nightmen, Marcus Norberg and the Disappointments) and Anton Collinder (Terrible Feelings, Nightmen, Hurula)