New artist on Adrian Recordings – DÖDEN

New artist on Adrian Recordings – Let us introduce …. DÖDEN Read More160817

Laakso – Grateful Dead

Laakso is releasing their new album “Grateful Dead” April the 22nd on Adrian Recordings. Read More160126

NEW single: Boeoes Kaelstigen – Too Much (feat. Name The Pet)

New single from Boeoes Kaelstigen featuring Name The Pet

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This Is Head – This Is Head

This Is Head’s third album is now out.  Read More150903

Emil Jensen – Pre-order CD and book

Pre-order the upcoming Emil Jensen CD greatest hits collection and book here in our webshop:år-för-något-faller-du-för-allt-cd-bok-förhandspaket

Om du inte står för något faller du för allt

New single: This Is Head – People

The Swedish disco kraut combo This Is Head is about to release their third album. The self titled album will be out this fall. Read More150617

OUT NOW: Boeoes Kaelstigen – Overcomes Love, Time & Space

Movement and change have always been fundamental parts of Boeoes Kaelstigen’s music. With their second album, a whole previously untapped source of inspiration is now pouring into their works: The Big Feelings.

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NEW SINGLE: Boeoes Kaelstigen – Any Higher (feat. Asha Ali)

Boeoes Kaelstigen teams up with Asha Ali on their new singel from upcoming album.

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YAST – When You’re Around

Now 2 years after the release of their self titled debut album, YAST is back with a new single, the first taste of the upcoming second album due for fall. Read More150401

OUT NOW: RA – Scandinavia

Today the 11th of March RA’s debut album – Scandinavia – is out in all territories. Read More150311

NEW SINGLE: Hey Elbow – Ruth

Hey Elbow’s debut album – Every Other – is to be released the 14th of April. Here’s the third track to be let loose from the album. First there was “Blanca”, then came “Martin”. Now say hey to “Ruth”.

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New single: RA – The Void

Via a couple of vinyl releases, the recent a remix EP with remixes from Trentemøller, Bam Spacey etc, the Malmö based band RA are now ready for the debut album – Scandinavia. But just before that, we are today glad to present the new single ”The Void”.

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OLD – Who’s Who?

Feminism, performance art, dance and inconvenience! The band OLD has a new EP out. Read, listen and watch the video here.

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New Album: Björns vänner – Ni har stulit våra drömmar

Björns vänner is finally back with new songs. It’s been a while since the release of their first album in 2003. But with Björns vänner everything is still the same.

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Boeoes Kaelstigen – Be the Lights Remixes

Now the time has come to see how other artists interpret Boeoes Kaelstigen’s latest single “Be the Lights”. First we have a modern italo take from Gabriel Gassi, then CANVAS takes us down in the mine with a smooth dark romantic remix and then Boeoes Kaelstigen’s trance background is heard in a glitching, glittering Ibiza-epos from one of Sweden’s biggest stars in the genre Bjorn Akesson. Read More140829

New single: Emil Jensen – Fått nåt i ögat

In time for the Swedish election, Emil Jensen releases his new single, featuring Familjen, Edda Magnason and Klubbkören. Read More140827

New artist on Adrian Recordings – RA

The band are slowly moving away from the more psychedelic groove from the debut EP, towards a more punky, noisy and more riff based sound. Still black, smoking and with feet in the 80th but with gaze into the future. Read More140818

New EP: OLD – New Remixes of OLD Songs

This spring the Malmö based art dance femi-constellation OLD released their debut EP called – Old Ladies Die Young. A debut that confuses and amuses more and more fans all over the world. This calls for celebration. Therefor we give you…. Read More140814

Alice Boman – New release out now

Alice Boman’s voice hits with the emotional force and haunting fragility of Nina Simone. Timeless and direct, the Swedish singer returns with a wistful collection of songs on EP II forming a CD album together with the stunning debut EP, Skisser. Read More140605

Björns vänner – Märker ni ingenting alls?

BJÖRNS VÄNNER – > EP:  Märker ni ingenting alls? – > Single: Du vill inte nå fram till ditt mål – > Album coming in the fall. Read More140513

Boeoes Kaelstigen – Be the Lights (feat. Name the Pet)

In 2014 they were Grammy nominated for their debut album “Tanum Teleport” heres Boeoes Kaelstigen’s new singel “Be the Light (feat. Name the Pet). Read and listen on Pitchfork. Read More140507

Alice Boman – Over

Alice Bomans new single “Over” premiered at The New York Times T – Mag and is now out. Alice Bomans new release “EP II & Skisser” is out June the 3rd.

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VED – Sweeping across Central Asia – Erickson Indirect

On the 29th of april VED are – as the first swedish orchestra so far – embarking on a three week tour of Central Asia. Read More140414

OLD – Old Ladies Die Young

Earlier this winter the orchestra OLD released their debut single – Knee Hang Gang together with a bouncy video. Here’s an EP- Old Ladies Die Young

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This Is Head – Staring Lenses

After a few shows in NYC and Boston, the Swedish band This Is Head is now heading over to Los Angeles. At the same time they are releasing their new single “Staring Lenses” as a follow up to the release of their second album “The Album ID” that was out in US the 4th of feb. Read More140211

Introducing – OLD

Adrian Recordings can now announce, after a lot of grapevine, that we will be releasing music with the extraordinary band OLD, residing in Malmö. The world can look forward to a mean video, a single and an EP in the near future. Read More140113

Brainpool – The Last Christmas

Today the 27th of November we see the comeback single from Brainpool hit the chimneys. A dystrophic Christmas carol called “The Last Christmas”. Read More131126

This Is head – Repetition

The latest single from This Is Head is released. It’s taken from their recent album “The Album ID” and it comes in 4 versions, 2 available on vinyl 7”. Read More131112

Emil Jensen – I det nya landet

The new album from Emil Jensen is out. An album where he taps the pulse of the world and himself.

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Alice Boman – Skisser – Now on vinyl with exclusive bonus track

So we decided to print this darling on vinyl, and while doing so we added a new track called “Over” also recorded in Alice s home as a demo. This track will only be released on this vinyl and you won’t find it elsewhere, ever.
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Emil Jensen – Radioaktivitet

The new single from upcoming album with Emil Jensen is released today. It is called “Radioaktivitet” and features Klara Söderberg from First Aid Kit. It comes in two versions. One with drums and organ and one a little softer with strings.
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MF/MB/ – passing complexion

Artist: MF/MB/
Single: Passing Complexion
Cat#: arweb 159
Release date: July 31 2013

Stream: MF/MB/ – Passing Complexion Read More130731

New single – This Is Head – Illumination

It’s with great pleasure we inform you that our mighty This Is Head today releases their second single from their second album – The Album ID. Single track is called “Illumination”. Watch the occult video over at Filter. Bonus tracks on the release is remixes from no less than El Perro Del Mar and Prince Rama. Read More130612

New EP from Alice Boman

A couple of weeks ago we announced that Adrian Recordings were gonna release an EP with our new artist Alice Boman and sent along with that the opening track “Waiting”. A lot of things has happened for her since then. The response has been overwhelming. This is just a quick note saying that now is the full EP “Skisser” released.

New singel from Yast

Some more good news for you!
The 28th of May we are releasing the self titled single “YAST” from the band YAST!

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New artist on Adrian Recordings: Alice Boman

Adrian Recordings have had a an intense spring with a lot of hard work on acclaimed releases from VED, MF/MB/, This Is Head and Den svenska tystnaden. We were pretty worn out and had no intentions on finding anything new to release, but…
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New single from MF/MB/

When the storm rides, you may want to slow it down and take shelter in the arms of your family. The storm roars and rips around MF/MB/ right now, but we find them in the eye of the hurricane focused on what they do best. Here’s the second single from their second album “Colossus”.

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New EP from Den Svenska Tystnaden

In 2011 “Den Svenska Tystnaden” released their debut album. A social realistic and important album. No excuses. We´ve now entered 2013 and the band has further refined their expression and they are ready to release a new EP. The four- song beauty is called “Fyra fall av fattigdom” and is released the 22th of April, with an official release party at the Victoria Theater the 20th in Malmö! Read More130412

New release – This Is Head – The Album ID

We’re busy here at Adrian Recordings. YAST, VED, MF/MB/ have all released well received albums and now we are proud to present another hi-flying album from Malmö, Sweden. In every corner of the world excluding North America, we are  releasing the second album from This Is Head called “The Album ID”.

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New single from YAST – I wanna be young

Today it´s March the 12th and YAST releases the new single “I Wanna Be Young” which comes with four amazing remixes. The single is from YASTs self titled debut album, which will be released world wide on April 26th. No one will be disappointed! Read More130312


Yes! God IS good people.  After a transcendent release party at The Victoria Theater in Malmö, it is only right for Adrian Recordings to team up with fellow Malmö labelmates Psychic Malmö and Lugnet Records and bring you VEDs latest album “Spectra”.

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New release- MF/MB/- Colossus

We are glad to announce that today is the day! MF/MB/ are releasing their anticipated album “Colossus” on Adrian Recordings. A premixed version of “Colossus” was released in November and we now release the official album in Sweden and March 1st worldwide. Read More130220

NEW release – VED – Spectra

Last year, the creature we call, VED released their latest self titled album but already now we have the follow up. This time we at Adrian Recordings has joined forces with the magical Malmö labels Psychic Malmö and Lugnet Records to bring you the vinyl album VED – Spectra

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First single from upcoming album – MF/MB/ – Casualties

After the release of – Colossus Premixed – with remixes from the upcoming album, out already in November 2012 we are now getting down to the real deal. It’s time for you to hear the first original tracks from the new MF/MB/. The essence, the core, the music. Here’s the first single from MF/MB/’s second album. Single is called: Casualties Read More130125

New video from VED

We welcome you to step into the world of VED. This is the citizens of the mythical part of the universe that VED has made their own. This is the reality. This is the space between. Read More130125

Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtapes 2012

Read More121223

Out today: MF/MB/ – Colossus Premixed

We are proud to announce that today sees the release of MF/MB/ – Colossus Premixed. A prequel album with remixed tracks that will appear on MF/MB/’s second album “Colossus” out 1 March (20 February in Sweden). Read More121120

New single with YAST – Stupid

After just 2 singles with web frenzy as result, it’s time to aim for a debut album with dream pop darlings YAST. The first step is this new single “Stupid” that’s out today. Read More121015

Edda Magnason – Jona, Bonus Material

Last week we released the conceptual “chinese whisper” release from Edda Magnason and Adrian Recordings. Read all about the original release and download music HERE. This is the follow up with bonus material. Read More120523

New track from Den svenska tystnaden

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New artist on Adrian Recordings: VED

It’s time to present a new artist on Adrian Recordings. Straight from the woods of Malmö we give you your new dance music. The mighty VED! Read More120312

Label: Double Sun, Artist: YAST

We have 2 fantastic pieces of news to share with you from Adrian Recordings… Read More111227

New video: Familjen & Emil Jensen – Nyår

Two of Adrian’s finest artists is collaborating in a loving duet, celebrating the New Year’s spirit. The track “Nyår” with Emil Jensen & Familjen is now out. Read More111221


MF/MB/ has in collaboration with Adrian Recordings decided to let the American crime series CSI:NY use the track “The Grand Chase” in the show. Read More111028