LOW-RES releases first single – Wish – from upcoming third album

Swedish duo LOW-RES are no strangers to grim, decadent darkness. From their dystopian debut album ”Varför” to the equally dark sequel ”Därför”, their explosive mix of krautrock, indie rock, and psychedelia has captivated audiences. Today it’s time again when they release “Wish”, the first single from a forthcoming third album.

With ”Wish”, the duo explore themes of hope and loss, depicting a couple in love where, in their own words, “One’s fun, the other’s dull, and that can never last, unfortunately.” The result is an intimate mix of melodies and noise that culminates in a cathartic chorus.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6pnYjXSCkrLVaqSVcZkWGC?si=0KVHl87FTHSefiX4Kq1f_A
Bandcamp: https://low–res.bandcamp.com/track/wish

Patrick Alvarsson and Simon Appel, who make up LOW-RES, describe the song as “a meditation on the feeling of being on the verge of something great, yet watching it slip away.” They wrote the song during an intense session in which they had a clear vision of diving into the darkest depths of human emotion. Together with musician and producer Daniel Fagerström (Viagra Boys, Baba Stiltz, Kite) it took its final shape.

LOW-RES has previously been picked up by BBC Radio 6 and praised by the likes of Swedish magazine GAFFA who described their debut album as “oceans of creativity pumping out of the speakers, with each song carrying its own story and sound.” Wish will be released on May 24 via Adrian Recordings, and is an introspective and highly personal experience that the listener gets to share with the duo.

Composed by: Patrick Alvarsson & Simon Appel
Produced by: Patrick Alvarsson, Simon Appel & Daniel Fagerström
Mix: Daniel Fagerström
Master: Gustav Brunn