New single: RA – The Void

Via a couple of vinyl releases, the recent a remix EP with remixes from Trentemøller, Bam Spacey etc, the Malmö based band RA are now ready for the debut album – Scandinavia. But just before that, we are today glad to present the new single ”The Void”.

“their most recent single “The Void” threatens to wrap you up or leave you completely. Singer/drummer Simon Minó sings about the void as a place where ‘everything will repeat itself,’ as the scuzzy guitar and booming low-end make for a heavy, swirling gem of a song.”
Artist: RA
Single: The Void
Release date: February 10
From debut album: Scandinavia (out March 11, (March 3 North America))
On ”The Void” we meet a slightly different gloom, slower but equally black. In the background we hear Julia from fellow label comrades Hey Elbow on ghost vocals. As a bonus we find the return of witch house. The artist ARMAN¥ are as secret as the genre but the beats and haunted vocals are for real.
RA are Simon Minó, Erik Blondell, Felix Mårtensson and Martin Nilsson. They sound like they have plugged their instruments straight into a small boom box placed on a festival camping in the 80th. Sheets of noise propelled along by dark pounding bass, tribal drumming and guitars that aren’t afraid of feedback, all topped off with the doom-like vocals of prime-time Goth.