Surf Philosophies

Surf Philosophies are a safari band. A roadtrip up and down the coast. Their music is loose and observational. Holiday snaps and tourist treasures from gas station gift shops.

No longer bound to Sweden alone Surf Philosophies are a schengan friendly, multi passport carrying pair of hobos. Being in a band is very much the same as being a modern global digital citizen. Alien, confusing and yet fairly convenient. Perhaps music isn’t written or composed or arranged anymore. Perhaps music is collected and shared then thrown away because it’s too heavy to carry. Perhaps music is compartmentalized like the memory of a hyperlink.

Surf Philosophies is a collective without any friends. Their music is destined to be crushed under the weight of all the other art produced in the west and shipped to an electronic landfill in Ghana. Only there amongst the broken minidisc/cd players and obselete soundcloud accounts will their music flourish like dirty flowers amongst the weeds.

Surf Philsophies 2020 £$€