Adrian Recordings

Adrian Recordings is a music label founded in Malmö, Sweden, since 2014 residing in Stockholm. Younger now than in 1999 when the label was founded by Stefan Nordmark. Stefan passed the label on to Magnus Bjerkert in 2001, who has been in charge ever since. As interested in minimal dark electronic business as in an acoustic guitar. It doesn’t matter. Find your own path, take your own turns.

The label is built around the artists. The label is nothing without the artists. So the best way to describe the label is this:

Boeoes Kaelstigen
Björns vänner
Alice Boman
This Is Head
Emil Jensen
Hey Elbow

In the past / forever present:

The Fine Arts Showcase
Den svenska tystnaden
Andreas Tilliander
The Bear Quartet
Dmitry Fyodorov
David & the Citizens
Edda Magnason
David Fridlund

The best way to get to know Adrian Recordings is through music. Instead of writing a long bio here’s a playlist with tracks we have released and tracks we wish we released. This list is updated regularly so subscribe and enjoy:

Every second Adrian Recordings