Toi Let

Toi Let has silently grown and melt together as a group. They are somewhat outcasts that choses to spend endless hours in the rehearsal place just to play together. This can for example be heard on last years self titled EP containing the tracks ”Leatherman” and The B-52’s cover ”Give Me Back My Man”. The result is headstrong, monotonous, boundless, humorous and uncompromising.

This kraut rock grunge surf power trio’s latest release is the single ”Goat Burner” It’s a rowdy somewhat hostile rock story that takes place during advent. It incites the crowd to burn down the straw goat in Gävle. Local rivality has never been so damn good engine fuelled, with just the right amount of jingle bells (almost none). Toi Let are the bastard comming from other more name known Malmö bands like YAST, DÖDEN, Nightmen, Marcus Norberg and the Disappointments.

Burn the goat!

Markus Johansson
Marcus Norberg
Niklas Wennerstrand