Born in Soviet, raised in English boarding school, lived with elks in the north of Canada, then foreign legion, NASA space program, radio-operator during the cold war, elite gymnastics, learn to play guitar, classical piano, MK-ultra, fencing, pimp-daddy in the USA, studied with Schönberg, member of Scientology, Kabbalah with Madonna, teacher of martial arts, kicked out of Surrealist movement, massage-institute, king of Egypt and now THIS…

VED started as a solo-project by Mattias Nihlén taking inspiration from film music, progressive rock, early electronic music and folk music. From drone-based ambient, the music has developed into a rhythmic machinery with elements of horror movie soundtracks, surf-rock and found cassettes. VED is now a fully developed live band delivering hypnotic instrumental dance music.

Mattias Nihlén – Electric guitar, Bouzouki and almost never Flute
Adam Vilgot Persson – Electric guitar, clarinet, samples and broken KORG synth
Martin Holm – Bass guitar and sunglasses
David Hagberg – Drums with additional tingeltangel
Mattias Almlund – Organ, zither, samples and white noise
Alexander Karlsson: Percussion, drums and various instruments


Photo of VED, photo by Særún Norén
Photo of VED, photo by Særún Norén



VED Erickson Indirect ARWEB178 / 2014-04-14
VED Spectra AR12"152 / 2013-03-05
VED VED ARCD142 / 2012-10-08