An uncompromising blend of angel like melodies and full distortion. Spunsugar’s second album ”A Hole Forever” is out today!!

Swedish three-piece Spunsugar plunge further into their grunge roots as they look to conquer the modern shoegaze/new wave genre with sophomore album A Hole Forever, being released on 17th November 2023.

The inclusion of classic shoegaze elements, such as raucous glide guitar, grimy bass, and pounding drum beats, nostalgically transport the listener back to the 90s. However, the band provides a modern touch to the genre with their unique fusion of electronic, post-punk, and pop components. Over the hazy instrumental lies a darker storyline that is meant to mystify the listener.

The band said, “A Hole Forever is largely about coming to terms with everything dark within, the dirty and shameful. Being torn between owning it or trying to work it off. It’s about getting older and confessing things while the thought of one day dying sinks in. The album deals with the image that you are dying already when you are born and that life is a slow death. The songs become bricks of important points in life. Kind of like watching life flicker by but instead like in a movie it’s in a spiral.”

Their new LP A Hole Forever will further discuss dense topics and expose the realities of coming to terms with internal shame. The album tackles themes about getting older and confessing dark secrets with the mindset that life is a slow death.

Growing up farmer offsprings, bible belt kids of fundamentalists and trailer trash in small towns of Sweden, Spunsugar are based in Malmö, Sweden and consist of band members Cordelia Moreau, Elin Ramstedt and Felix Sjöström.. Each member carries a separate musical background, leading to a melting pot of their distinct influences. Some of the group’s most cherished artists are Cocteau Twins, Red House Painters, Hole, Electric Youth, Ramones, and Misfits.

Spunsugar dropped their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Drive-Through Chapel’ in 2020 and an EP ‘Things That I Confuse’ in 2021, leading to an abundance of media support from Steve Lamacq at BBC Radio 6 Music, The Independent, The Line of Best Fit, Nothing but Hope and Passion, and more. They recently released a single titled ‘Skin Unwell’ on 14th June 2023 that has set the tone for the band’s impending electrifying releases.

Spunsugar’s new album A Hole Forever is set to drop on 17th November 2023. Order it here: