Introducing – OLD

Adrian Recordings can now announce, after a lot of grapevine, that we will be releasing music with the extraordinary band OLD, residing in Malmö. The world can look forward to a mean video, a single and an EP in the near future.

Today we kick it off with the video to the track “Knee Hang Gang”. This is OLD’s first official track ever to be out in public.

The chefs to the “Knee Hang Gang”-soup are plenty. Recorded by Emil Isaksson at Studio Möllan. Co-produced by Cecilia Nordlund (Souls), Mixed by Joakim Lindberg (MF/MB/). Drums programmed by Aram Zarikian.

OLD is the biscuit amongst the dry cookies – you like it but you have no idea why? It’s pop music that causes the masses to cheer ”Hit the bricks Ainbusk!” (the Gotlandic oldies – Google it)  and ”god awful strings” (it is, but in a nice way). With software tones, hardware thought and enough experience to stay awake all night, OLD has entered their own existence. Some can only handle half a song. Some have left gigs early because of work in the morning and some just can’t get enough. OLD might be the most festive salvation army of the 21st century and they invite you to join a tea-party you’ve never seen before.

In between all everyday musts, Constance, Nina and Johanna spent their nights in a small one-bedroom apartment behind a crowded café in a hipstery part of Malmö town. Here they consumed sweets and created their own new existence, a place where every word uttered had a chance. Celine Dion became a house goddess alongside Judith Butler and when Virgin Mary and Joseph argued about maternity leave, Swedish House Mafia got to be advisors. On that road they’ve continued since. Some can only handle half a song…

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