New single from Alice Boman & Cornelia Murr

Swedish songwriter Alice Boman in collaboration with London born, California-based singer Cornelia Murr have today released the new single ‘Heart of Scorpio’. The collaborators will come together for two nights, playing together at Servant Jazz Quarters in London, September 11th and 12th.

Recorded at the Ladder Factory in South El Monte, Los Angeles, and co-produced by the pair, in addition to Daniel E Garcia (Reverend Baron), ‘Heart of Scorpio’ is a track that showcases the sonic beauty of the duos soothing vocals, as well as rich musicianship combining organ, sax and percussion to create a dream-like state.
On the collaboration Boman says: “I love Cornelia’s music and meeting and getting to know her while also making something together has been so special. It felt like we understood each other and the way we approached this felt very free and joyful. Being so used to releasing music on my own, releasing this song with Cornelia is really exciting. Sharing the whole process has been such a fun and beautiful experience.”

Murr says “I first heard Alice’s music in 2014 and fell in love with it. It was very meaningful and full-circle-feeling to me to connect with her and collaborate all these years later. Co-writing isn’t something I’ve done much of, but it felt incredibly special and organic the way the song came about, ending up as something similar to each of our own individual work but with its own character altogether, a true blend of energies making something new.”