Spunsugar – It never gave me anything (single)

The inclusion of classic shoegaze elements, such as raucous glide guitar, grimy bass, and pounding drum beats, nostalgically transport the listener back to the 90s. However, the band provides a modern touch to the genre with their unique fusion of electronic, post-punk, and pop components. Over the hazy instrumental lies a darker storyline that is meant to mystify the listener. The album will include both the single edit and original version of the track.

The band said, “‘It Never Gave Me Anything’ describes a relationship between a person and an unwanted side of themselves. This side is so unlike how they want to be that they treat them as a separate entity, maybe even a person. It has always been there, ruining moments, talking to them and making sure that they never forget that it is present. A seemingly never ending list of things this ‘it’ is responsible for is recited over a pulsating beat and bass riff that is both ominous and groovy at the same time. This paired with a wall of distorted guitars that show up in the bridges and choruses, creates a song that makes you question what mood the song leaves you with. As is typical of the band, the song plays with what emotion, as well as which genre, it evokes.”